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Expatriate and future expatriate

Expatriate and future expatriate
A new catering challenge?

Take the challenge to develop your own business or become a restaurateur. We have the tools to support you:

Complete projects
Services provided
Comercial property (Freehold/leasehold)

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A conversion project?

The catering and restaurant sector is becoming the driving force behind a booming Spanish economy. We support you with tailor-made projects:

Complete projects
Services provided
Businesses (freehold/leasehold)

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Restaurant professionals

Restaurant professionals
Expert and objective 360° vision

Do you have an establishment, are you thinking of acquiring it or renting the business? We can assist you with our tools to:

Complete projects
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Business freehold or leasehold

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Franchise chain

Franchise chain
Create, evaluate, audit

Depending on the phase and maturity of your chain, we will present your brand to potential customers, guide you and accompany you through a personalize agreement:

Services provided
Business goodwill
International development

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Organized catering

Organized catering
International growth drivers?

We offer you our tools and contacts in France, Italy, Germany and England. We will accompany you:

Services provided
Comercial property
International development

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It is an exciting, rewarding and fascinating challenge that almost makes us forget reality and renounce the essential precautions: knowing how to surround yourself with a team of professionals, getting out of improvisation and not neglecting any detail.


We face a dilemma: although competition is reaching its peak, we are seeing more and more entrepreneurs giving way to improvisation. « Don’t expect to win a game in which you haven’t yet started competing » (JC.Velásquez)


We support and train you to design your concept, strategies and roadmap, providing you with the data, tools and advice necessary to make your project stand out from the competition.


At VBP, no project is impossible. We rely on meticulous work to identify defects to be able to engage and move forward. « The only time “success” appears before “work” is in the dictionary » (Vidal Sassoon).


We value fundamental variables such as culture, culturality and interculturality, which are often overlooked.
« Culture eats strategy at breakfast » P.Drucker


A buzzword, although it never ceases to be the result of a thoughtful, conceived, appreciated and respected process. Transparency is the basis of our recipe, to which we add a few ingredients: trust, commitment, humility and professionalism, seeking triumph for our customers.


We offer a series of documents that will help you make the most of your project. In addition to editing, we can work on demand for any need.

Market research studies



Mystery Shopper

Business Plan

Representative and accurate data

Do you want to measure the maturity of a specific market abroad or evaluate a segment on the market in Spain? Market research can be crucial and decisive when acquiring a restaurant business in Spain, allowing the offer and format to be adapted according to the area of influence.

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We offer you different guides according to your personal and professional profile, such as “The key steps in purchasing/selling a business”, “Key audits”, “Setting up a quality approach”, “Customer relationship management”, “Feasibility of international launch” among others.

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We propose the study of specific themes according to the current economic and legal situation, sector innovations or sector trends and/or seasonality, among others, such as: “the digital revolution in the HORECA sector”, “Changing your menu offer and renewing your offer”, “Innovative concepts”.

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Mystery shopper

We offer operational missions of independent, objective and discreet analysis of your establishment on the basis of a scenario and pre-established evaluation criteria, in order to measure how the client perceives the quality served. Then we make recommendations to maintain or improve quality.

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Plan de negocios

Thanks to the requirement and profile of our customers, we have developed a unique method, tools and philosophy to support our customers in this crucial step. We work with to establish a reliable financing and feasibility plan.

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Partnership with McKinven Consulting Group

Strong alliances for better service

“Valencia Business Project, being a part of McKinven Consulting Group, specializes in management, strategy and investment consulting, real estate investments, franchise development and horeca projects in Spain and presents interests of McKinven Consulting Group in these services in Spain for its international clients and works on common international projects”.

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